Experience Rishikesh with Us

Himalayan Hotels is a hospitality and F&B chain that manages the leading yoga and spiritualty focused hotels and restaurants in Rishikesh.

Our award-winning flagship retreat GANGA KINARE - a Riverside Boutique Resort, has been one of the best-selling resorts in Rishikesh since 1989. The only hotel in Rishikesh perched right on the banks of the holy river Ganges, views from the Ganga Kinare embrace the mighty Ganges, Rajaji National Park and Himalayan foothills. Our in-house restaurant, Jal & Jalebi, offers an eclectic mix of Indian, European and classic Himalayan cuisines, with a stunning view as a delicious accompaniment.

Introducing our latest chic offering to the discerning visitors of Rishikesh, HOLYWATER by Ganga Kinare is a short walk away from GANGA KINARE. Boasting spacious rooms with contemporary designs and amenities, it is ideal for the economical traveller who wants to experience the authenticity of Rishikesh. A two-minute amble will take you to the beautiful esplanade that runs along the river Ganges. VARR - Temple Food of India, is the hotel’s specialty artisanal restaurant that serves the most popular prasadams from temples across the country. A trend setting dining experience for anyone living in or visiting Rishikesh.

The ethos of Himalayan Hotels is to offer authentic, distinctive and immersive experiences centered on spiritualty and yoga, while paying homage to the local culture and people. We hope to serve you on your next visit to Rishikesh.