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Soul Sojourn - School of Natural Awakening

Inaugural Article by Shri Jivasu Ji - Sep 2013

Truth remains the same, but its form and expression differ according to time and culture. The modern era urgently needs a new form and expression of Truth, because for the first time in human history, a world culture based on reason, science, education, material well being and the rights of the individual, is emerging.
We are entering in a phase in which faith-based paths are unable to quench our inner thirst. As the old faiths are fading, many sense a void in their lives and are searching for new paths to guide them through the emptiness. There is a keen interest in self-inquiry and a yearning for a self-knowledge that connects us to our daily lives. An integration of reason and faith is needed.
Our response to this aspiration of the nascent world culture is to offer spiritual programs through the School of Natural Awakening. Natural Awakening begins with the discovery of our soul and we start living according to our nature and walk our own path. Although these programs are guided by reason, their core energy comes from feelings and faith.
Natural Awakening programs are based on the following principles:
 Compassion as the foundation of living with Self-Care and Care of Others
 Self-Inquiry, Self-Knowledge and Self-Expression as the processes on the path
 Seamless synthesis of science and spirituality to understand the biological dimension of sacredness of life
Natural Awakening is bridging the gap between the inner and the outer nature; wisdom of the ancients and knowledge of the new; individual and universal and is affirming the student-teacher dialogue in lieu of the guru-disciple relationship.

What is Natural Awakening?

Word Nature, comes from a Latin word, Natura, meaning what is Innate to us. In Sanskrit, the word can be translated to the Sahaja – ( Saha / with; Ja / born). Sahaja means “that with which we are born”- and we are born with our innate nature. Innate Nature embraces life’s underlying harmony and flow. Even that which we consider artificial or abnormal still contains a fragment of the natural. Human ‘naturals’, though in the minority, are those who have discovered their nature and are living according to it. Minerals, plants and animals are also ‘naturals’, because each lives in according to its innate nature, in a state of naturality or Sahajta.

Naturality or Sahajta includes anything that emerges from a person’s nature. It may be belief in God and atheism, materialism and spirituality, science and religion, the organic and the artificial, different sexual orientations, health and disease, living and dying. These may seem to be opposites but they are all part of the same ever-flowing movement of life. The person, the world and the universe are all integral component of one Truth.

Our physical body, emotions and thoughts are connected and influenced by a much larger reality then we can comprehend. It is like a vast ocean that we can never know in its entirety, however, a single drop from this ocean can quench our thirst. Natural Awakening is the process of spiritual growth and expansion, until all boundaries are broken and we are released into the non-dual boundless ocean of life and live in our naturality or Sahajta. This is the state of ‘Freedom from fear, conflict and discontent’ and the experience of ‘Peace, Bliss and Compassion.’