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Soul Sojourn is The School of Natural Awakening being founded at Ganga Kinare by Shri Jivasu Ji. The official inauguration of the school is expected before end of 2013. The school will be personally supervised by Jivasu ji for a few months every year. For the remainder of the year while he pursues his travels across the globe, there will be his disciples who will be carrying on his work by way of lectures, interactive sessions and yoga programmes. To read more about Jivasu Ji visit www.jivasu.org .


All over the world, including India, there are hundreds of spiritual organizations and they more or less repeat the same things. To build a new spiritual movement, to create a niche and place, we have to find something unique and authentic to offer which will grow organically, inspire many and last for a long time.

As our world is becoming more congested and synthetic, people are looking for more and more Natural in all things...natural food, natural chemicals, natural medicine, natural homes, surroundings, natural clothing and so on. Our school will tap into that longing and offer it in depth to build natural world within and outside. It may also give and overarching philosophy and energy to bind many natural movements in a comprehensive wholeness.

One example is concept of Prakirti (innate nature) in Ayurveda's which is not explored fully in context of spiritual awakening and various levels of spiritual growth. Discovery of Prakirti (innate nature) emphasizes on natural lifestyle management. This part of Ayurveda is most relevant in our times and in future, because many are living up to the age of 80 and 90 years in which the best way to maintain quality life is through natural lifestyle management.

- Shri Jivasu Ji