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JIVASU JI - Jivasu’s (Pradeep Kumar) teachings are named as Naturality or Sahajta. Naturality is to ‘to live according to our nature’ to bring harmony within and with the nature outside.

The core of his teachings is about the fear of death (and life) and the emergence of the ego or the self in response to the fear. The ego or self helps in escaping from the fear of death and promises an illusory immortality to its owner.

Born in 1956, Jivasu completed his medical training as a pediatrician from Lucknow, India. For next 13 years he along with his wife Dr. Karen (whom he considers his teacher) served as voluntary medical doctors, in Sivananda ashram, Rishikesh and later on in the remote villages of Garhwal Himalayas in India.

While living in Sivananda ashram he experienced his first awakening which came to full fruition twelve years later in the experience of ‘wholeness’ and ‘freedom from the psychological fear of the death.’ Eventually the process culminated in the realization that death is an illusion. Only the mind and the body die but consciousness is immortal.

Currently Jivasu is practicing acupuncture and is a faculty in the Contemporary Acupuncture Program in McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. His teachings in McMaster University are an effort to synthesize the insights of Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Acupuncture with the contemporary science for the better health and well-being of people and the environment.

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