Rejuvenation Spa Package Itinerary - 2 Days 1 Night

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Rishikesh is a short drive of 5 hours away from New Delhi and is an ideal short vacation getaway from the hum drum of city life. A vacation mixed with relaxing ayurvedic treats and some energizing yoga lessons makes for an enticing combination to rejuvenate mind, body and soul and get reinvigorated for the rigour of modern day life.

The Ayur Ganga Spa

The Ayur Ganga Spa is our inhouse Ayurvedic Spa .It offers a mix of Ayurvedic treatments and Western therapies. The refurbished spa is equipped with 2 steam rooms, 4 massage rooms, authentic neem beds from kerala and our own oils prepared at the spa itself.

The Benefits of This Package Includes

Relief from pain & numbness, improvement in peripheral blood supply, beneficial for treatment of spondilitis, osteoarthiritis and sporting injuries, stimulation of nerve endings for an all round sense of general well being.The skin becomes healthier, softer and stronger.

Day 1

Check into the hotel. Meet the Senior Therapy Consultant / Doctor for 20 minutes to understand the timetable and meal plan prepared for the entire duration of your stay. The therapist will also explain some dos and donts during the period of the stay to be able to get the maximum benefit of the package.
The 1st day begins with an early morning 45 minutes Rejuvenating AROMATHERAPY..It uses natural essential oils extracted from herbs,flowers and fruits to add benefits to your massage therapy session.Before each session begins,you are required to choose one of 3 unique blends to be used in the massage lotion.The three unique blends are the relaxing oil,energising oil and the rejuvenating oil.The one chosen is then mixed with the natural aromatic based oil.This therapy completely relaxes you.
Once the essential oils are inhaled through the nostrils,they influence the brain and the limbic system.Effects of this therapy includes protection and softening of skin,relief of irritation and pain,relief of headaches and backaches.The person’s link with nature and spirit is improved after the therapy.
The therapy of the day end with a 10 minute steam bath to ensure that the body absorbs the oils used during the preceding therapies deeper into the skin.

Day 2

The 2nd day begins little early with a THAI FOOT MASSAGE .It is 30 minutes therapy.In this pressure is applied on specific points of the feet to stimulate internal organs, encouraging the body and mind to balance.The therapist uses a specially designed stick as well hands.It activates natural healing mechanism of the body.It improves the flexiblity of ankle and feet,reduces stiffnessin the joint and muscles.It is a wonderful stress reliever and induces sleep.
The day ends with a post program consultation and debriefing with the senior therapist/doctor. This session will include follow up items for the guests and suggested meal plan for the future.Checkout after 12 noon.

Complimentary Inclusions During the Stay-

Breakfast is included in this package
Complimentary Sunrise Yoga session every morning
Complimentary use of FIREFOX BIKES with a biking trail map
Complimentary Wi-Fi access
Complimentary in-house morning and evening Ganga Aarti
Complimentary documentary screening from inhouse DVD collection
Complimentary Guided Culture walk alongside the Ganges till Triveni Ghat to witness the grand evening aarti attended by locals of Rishikesh.


Extra Charges-

Extra charges for guide: INR 1500 per day
Extra charges for pickup and drop from airport/railway station: INR 1200 per ride



Tariff for Deluxe Category (Single/Double/Triple): INR 9,000/ 13,600/ 18,000
Tariff for Super Deluxe Category (Single/Double/Triple): INR 10,000/ 14,000/ 19,000
Tariff for Premium Room (Single/Double/Triple): INR 10,500/ 15,000/ 20,000
Tariff for Lotus Suite (Single/Double/Triple): INR 17,000/ 21,000/ 25,500
*Above Rates are Excluding Taxes

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