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Spa in Rishikesh - The Ayur Ganga Spa

Based on the banks of Ganga, the Ayur Ganga Spa offers diverse range of Indian and international treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul.
Managed by the Urban Nirvana, which has set up more than 100 spas and operates more than 18 spas around India, our spa has qualified therapists who have expertise in traditional and international spa regimes. Our Ayurvedic spa treatments are based upon centuries-old Ayurvedic therapies that support balance and bliss in your life. The revitalizing and therapeutic treatments offered are customized to your particular needs. All therapies are natural, gentle, and delightfully pleasing.

Spa in Rishikesh - The Ayur Ganga Spa

Full Body Massages

Relax on the Banks of Lule’: Traditional Swedish Massage

This European massage technique developed in the 18th Century in Sweden. It is a bouquet of fine muscular manipulations stimulating the nervous system using kneading, tapping & picking movements & giving utmost relaxation.
Duration – 60min
Price – 2200/-

Indulge on the Banks of Loire: Aromatherapy Massage (3 options)

Unwind yourself with a full body massage using rich blended essential oils. The aroma oils relaxes the senses directly, gives you the experience of deep meditation along-with a healing touch.
Duration – 60min
Price – 2200/-

Wellness on the Banks of Egypt Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a quite strong massage involving a lot of work on Muscles. It is a essential massage for people who do a lot of physical work & exercise. It removes tightness & soreness in the muscles & recharges you.
Duration – 60min
Price – 2200/-

Signature Massage on Banks of Ganga: Ayurveda Massage

An unique experience being nurtured in this holy & since last 5000 years & a must for all. This full body nurturing massage is done with medicated oil blends from Traditional Ayurveda texts. This massage helps to bring balance & harmony in the body.
Duration – 60min
Price – 2400/-
Elevate your Experience
Add a Scrub for 1100/-
Add a Scrub and Wrap for 2200/-
Add a Herbal Poultice Massage for 1100/-
Book 2 Full Body Massages for 4200-

Express Massages

Chinese Feet Reflexology

Massage technique stimulating the reflex points on the feet representing various organs in the body helping improve their physiological functions.
Duration – 30/60min
Price – 1100/1800

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

Experience the authentic Thai foot massage from Bangkok involving a series of stretches & massage strokes for tired feet.
Duration – 30/60min
Price – 1100/1800

Indian Head Massage

This head massage done with extremely relaxing strokes on the scalp to improve the blood circulation towards the hair roots to strengthen it.
Duration – 30/60min
Price – 1100/1800

Back Neck Shoulder

A perfect answer for aching back, neck & shoulder stretching movements releasing knots & aches in that part.
Duration – 30/60min
Price – 1100/1800
Elevate Your Experience
Add a Foot Scrub for 450/-
Add a Herbal Poultice Feet or Back Massage for 650/-

Body Treatments

Sandalwood jasmine and orange scrub and wrap : Duration 60 min Cost 2200/-

Sandalwood jasmine & orange gently scrubs away dead cell,absorbs impurities and excess oils from your skin. This is an ideal combination for removal of tanned cells leaving a smooth and glowing body. This body wrap has many skin benefits as it is high in vitamin C, and therefore instantly brightens skin and remove tanning to a great extent and makes it soft and supple. It also balance skin by removing excess oil from open and clogged pores.

Green tea scrub and wrap : Duration 60 min, Cost 2200/-

Green tea scrub when applied to the skin, it repairs the scar tissues and prevents wrinkle. blemishes and other impurities. This wrap has extremely high antioxidant content with anti- aging effects. It promotes, healthy, vibrant skin and also cleanses the body of toxins tone and improves the texture of skin.

Coconut and honey scrub and wrap : Duration 60 min,Cost 2200/-

Coconut and honey scrub with pure coconut extracts is a great hydrating exfoliates. It is soothing scrub which stimulates micro circulation and improves skin texture. This luxurious wrap nourishes and moisturized dry, dehydrated skin. A coconut honey body wrap is a great way to rejuvenate skin as it moistens and firms the skin.

Face Treatment

Oxizenate Clean-up Duration 40 min Cost 1600/-

An instant boost of oxygen pumps into the skin and provides instant freshness and radiance.Skin is left feeling awakened and vibrant.

Calm and Soothe Clean-up : Duration 40 min ,Cost 1600/-

An anti-oxidant rich powder packed quick skin booster.Provides deep cleansing that de-toxifies the skin.Skin is left feeling clean,smooth and radiant.

Anti- Ageing facial : Duration 60 min Cost 2200/-

A very well suited treatment from mature to dry and damaged skin.This treatment works on renewing damaged skin cells and providing skin renewal.Provides tightening and firming to skin ,irons out fine lines and wrinkles.Skin is left feeling tight and firm,with visible lustre.

Whitening facial Duration 60 min Cost 2200/-

A treatment that provides great benefits for combination to oily skin.This treatment works deep into the skin with its high anti-oxidant rich ingredients to de-clog the pores and help skin to be evened out.Provides great freshness and protects against UV damage.Skin isleft feeling evened out and supple with an instant glow.

From the Land of Ganga


Soothing herbal oils are poured in a continuous stream over the forehead which help to imbibe positivity and expand our consciousness.
1 session: 2200/-
3 sessions: 4400/-
Duration 30 mins


It’s a dry powder massage which increases the blood circulation and trims the excess cellulite.
3 sessions: 4200/-
Duration 30 min
Kati Basti/ Manya Basti/ Janu Basti
Basti means holding of oil in one particular region.
It provides strength to the bones joints and muscles involved. It also good for the local pain.
1 session: 900/-
3 sessions: 2200/-
Duration: 30 min

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