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  • Holywater - Dining by the Ganges

ホテルガンガネアは最近、新たなアバターで、その川沿いのレストランをリニューアルしました。ガンジス川でのダイニング - そして、私たちは今、非常に適切にそれHolywater呼ぶ。

Holywater - ガンジス川でのダイニング

  • Holywater

Holywater is a riverside dining lounge. The culinary experience at Holywater promises to excite more than just the sense of taste. Donning the look of a snug & sunlit riverside cafe by day, Holywater metamorphoses into a candlelit gourmet dining lounge in the evening. The riveting panorama of river, verdure and mountain threatens to burst through the wall of windows and spill into the lounge. Whether it’s a steaming mug of coffee with your favourite book, or a delicious full-course meal with family and friends, Holywater offers distinctive dining experiences. Holywater is a multi-cuisine restaurant, serving authentic delicacies from diverse cultures including Mughlai, Continental, Chinese, South Indian, and of course regional. In our unique menu, you will find delectable dishes including 24*7 bites. Our Clay Oven Treasures and Great Indian Vegetarian Food preparations are renowned and promise satisfied lip-smacks. So to enjoy sunlight bouncing off a rippling river, or undulating black waters under a star-lit sky, come to Holywater and dine by the Ganges...

マーチャン - 野外リバービューテラス


Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel
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Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, 249201, India
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Ganga Kinare - A Riverside Boutique Hotel & Resort

ガンガーネアは 'ガンジス川のほとりに'に変換します。それは誤った名称ではありません。静かな川ガンジスのほとりにぴったりと寄り添わ、ガンガーネアリシケシの神聖な場所にある魅力的なホテル&リゾート、酔わせる調合に精神性と母なる自然をブレンド土地です。