Beginner Yoga Classes in Rishikesh - 3 Days 2 Nights

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Rishikesh and Yoga

The city of Rishikesh and Yoga have an eternal bond strengthened across thousands of years. Hermits and sages from ancient times till date have adopted Rishikesh as their abode to meditate, master this artform and get closer to attaining enlightenment. It is for this reason that Rishikesh is renowned as the ‘Capital of Yoga’.

A Brief About Our Yoga Instructor

Akhilesh is an expert in Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga Nidra. Akhilesh has worked in at ‘Ananda In the Himalayas’ in Rishikesh, ‘Mandara Spa’ at the Radisson in Alibaug, and Ista Hyderabad as a yoga expert and can converse in Hindi and English.

Consultation with In house Yoga expert on Day 1:

Personal session with each person to design their meal plan and suggest dos and donts for the next 2 days.
Pickup and drop prices are included in the package.

Daily Schedule of Beginner’s Package (Day 2 and Day3)

Yoga session in the morning starts 30 minutes before sunrise and ends 60 minutes after sunrise. Estimated sunrise from Oct to March is between 6:30 AM and 7:30 AM.
Guests retire to rooms after Yoga session followed by Special Yogic Breakfast
Guests are free for the rest of the day.
Specially prepared Yogic Dinner will be served at the hotel.

Day 3

Checkout by 12 noon after attending the morning yoga session and post program consultation with yoga expert.

Yoga postures and techniques practiced on Day 2

Joint Movements : Neck Rotation, Shoulder Rotation, Wrist movement, Ankel Rotation, Knee bending, Half Butterfly, Full Butterfly
Asanas (Postures) : Crocodile, Half Cobra, Child pose, Palm tree pose, Swing Palm-tree pose
Breathing : Deep Breathing, Anulom - Vilom.

Yoga postures and techniques practiced on Day 3

Asanas (Postures) : Crocodile, Half Cobra, Child pose Palm tree pose, Swing Palm-tree pose, Rowing boat pose, Churning mill pose, Raised leg pose, Shalabhasan
Breathing : Kapalbhati, Anulom- Vilom, Bhramri

Yogic Breakfast

(to be suggested from the following list by in house expert)
Natural flavoured Tea – Organic,Ginger,Tulsi,Mint,Lemon etc.
Fresh Juices – Grapes, citrus fruits, bitter gourd, gooseberry, apple, carrot, beetroot, etc.
Beans: Sprouted beans and peas salad, baked beans
Milk based: Porridge, cornflakes
Boiled/ Roasted vegetables: carrot, beans, yam, potatoes, beet root, sweet potato etc.
South Indian: Uppma (sooji, sago), roti of kuttoo, pongal, idli, uttappam with chutneys.

Complimentary Inclusions During the Stay-

Breakfast is included in this package
Complimentary Sunrise Yoga session every morning
Complimentary use of FIREFOX BIKES with a biking trail map
Complimentary Wi-Fi access
Complimentary in-house morning and evening Ganga Aarti
Complimentary documentary screening from inhouse DVD collection
Complimentary Guided Culture walk alongside the Ganges till Triveni Ghat to witness the grand evening aarti attended by locals of Rishikesh.


Extra Charges-

Extra charges for guide: INR 1500 per day
Extra charges for pickup and drop from airport/railway station: INR 1200 per ride



Tariff for Super Deluxe occupancy (Single/Double/Triple): 15,500/ 18,000/ 22,000
Tariff for Premium Room (Single/Double/Triple): 17,000/ 20,000/ 24,000
Tariff for Lotus Suite (Single/Double/Triple): 30,000/ 35,000/ 40,000
*Above Rates are Excluding Taxes

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